I am a reliable conservative vote. When voting on any government program, I always ask myself: can the private sector do this better?  If the answer is yes; why is government competing with private enterprise?

I love to interact with YOU – the voters. Your phone calls and e-mails are very important to me. I commit as your Senator to make sure you have opportunities to discuss the issues with me.

I am not the typical politician. I don’t run legislation during the session just to run legislation or compete with my colleagues on who can run the most bills. We already have too many bills. My style is to make government more efficient and remove burdensome regulations.

Experienced conservative

Utah always balances its budget and is constantly ranked as the best managed state.

Let’s keep it that way.

-Keith Grover


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Keith was first elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2006.  During his time there he has been a key component in helping UVU attain university status.  For the…