Keith has worked in public education for over 25 years. His guiding principles when it comes to public education are:

  • Empower parents to work with their local schools and districts.
  • Give districts more local control and allow them to make decisions for their schools and students.
  • Provide teachers the autonomy and funding needed to be successful in the classroom.


Water is key to our quality of life in Utah.

It will control our growth. As a member of the Water Development Commission I am working on key projects such as the Lake Powell Pipeline and the development of infrastructure needed to maintain current water delivery. I have also focused effort on Utah Lake and working to improve the water quality to make the lake an asset that is enjoyed by recreationists, fishermen and farmers.


Utahns are better able to manage their land than the Federal Government.

I have voted in favor of all measures that return Federal Lands to the citizens of Utah and will continue to do so.


We have to be able to move around in this Valley.

As a Representative Keith worked hard to secure funding for the entire I-15 corridor from the Point of the Mountain to Payson.  Currently we benefit from a great freeway, except for the Lehi choke point which will be reconfigured in the next year.   Keith also worked to secure funding for the Vineyard connector and is working on connectors in south Provo.   Keith has worked with stake holders in improving the Provo Airport infrastructure through federal funding and FAA approval to enable larger passenger aircraft to utilize the facility and benefit our local area.

Keith Grover speaking at school